Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Crewe Tractor.. ish

I've not done much modeling due to weather and so on, got snowed in so spent much of my day off digging snow and ice off the drive. Now my back hurts and my right hand feels like someone tried to pull the thumb off. They didn't it is a shovel based injury. I'm sure I'll live for now.

What I have done is add a few details and crew to my Minitrix bash' Lady. It now looks finished, the crew had to be radically butchered to fit into the tiny cab openings but they were needed to hide the motor which is rather obvious otherwise.

With Eigiau for comparison

The other thing I've done is make a sort of Crewe tractor using a plastic kit for a Model T Ford in military condition and a Portram chassis for power. I made up the car body pretty much as nature intended leaving out the steering wheel. The Portram bogie is glued to the rear and I've used half a Parkside WD bogie as a front pony truck swiveling on its usual pivot.

It is painted grey (as you can see). It runs nicely but with some added weight it is much better so I've glued a spare dome in the back as ballast.

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