Thursday, 5 February 2015

Fiddler on the roof

I didn't feel much like watching 'The Junk' or whatever its called so I decided to have a go at detailing the roof of one of my PECO SR coaches. I started with the grab handles at the ends which is a simple case of slicing off the plastic moulding and replacing with a staple shaped length of brass wire.
Having done that I decided that the acetylene lamps needed their supply pipes and a generator on the carriage end. I drilled holes in the lamp tops and made up another length of brass wire to fit between the outer lamps and cut short lengths from the centre four to join the main run. A dab of superglue on the junctions and it looked much better. The generator box on the carriage end is a varikit tool box and the supply to the roof is yet more brass wire suitably bent to shape.
I have wondered about replacing the moulded hand rails on the ends but that would spoil the paintwork so on balance I think I'll leave them for now. It just needs some paint on the roof now and that is all done. I have some transfers for no smoking and smoking signs on the windows but I keep thinking how tiny they are and bottling out of attempting them.

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