Saturday, 14 March 2015

Calmer now

Well now, I'm calmer now. I rebuilt the cab using a styrene front and sections of strip to build up the sides, it's not perfect but considering the mess it was I'm pretty happy.

I had ordered some bits from Peter's Spares, a GWR whistle and a smoke box door handle. With their usual fantastic delivery speed they arrived yesterday so I fitted the smoke box bit. I'll add the whistle once the painting is finished although I have drilled the hole in the front plate.

In the rebuilding process some of the rivet detail has been lost so I tried out the archer rivet transfers I bought at Warley last year. The most noticeable area of missing rivets was the side of the back cab sheet. I fiddled about and swore some more but got them in place, they dried out and fell off. I think there isn't enough space for the adhesive to stick too so I gave up. The strip I put at the waist band on the back sheet stuck so i left that one.

With great trepidation I took the MK2 version to the garage and sprayed it with primer... this time I was more careful and all is well.

Pretty pleased with the results, Wondering whether to change the cab roof for a simple plainer version, I probably will. The other big question is that of colour; in theory the IoSR loco livery of hull red is on the cards but I'm wondering if a green of some kind might suit...


  1. Those Archer rivet transfers can be a bit of a pain. My first attempt was a disaster as they just wouldn't stick. I'd been soaking them in water to get them off the backing paper. I can't remember who, but someone suggested soaking them in Humbrol decalfix and not using water at all. This seems to work really well, although it's still getting a coat of primer over them once they are dry to make sure they stay put.

  2. Good advice. I'll give that a go next time. The ones on the back sheet are ok but you can see the carrier film edge. Maybe the decalfix would hide that too.

    1. Yes, the decalfix seems to soften the carrier film enough that it disappears, certainly once a layer of primer is sprayed over the top. The most complex piece I did was this body for a slate rubbish wagon, and in it's bare state you can see the film, but once painted it's gone.

    2. Seeing that I'm going to have to try the cab sides again. Watch this space.

  3. Seemed to work. Unfortunately I'm away from home for a couple of days now so won't get a chance to get it painted.