Thursday, 21 May 2015

Hudswell Clarkes all over the place

I had a day off today and so got down to some modelling. Over the last few evenings I've been painting and adding the finishing details to Herman the railcar. I glued the roof on today which was the last thing to do for now. Name plates are on their way and once they are on I will add some moderate weathering too.

Herman with the first paying customers at Underhill

Once this was finished and some testing had been undertaken my attention turned to the little Japanese chassis that arrived the other week. I've already used the body which arrived with it as the explosives van so it just stood there on the work tray all naked.

I had thought of a little diesel but I already have a fair selection and have one more in mind thanks to EuroNG! I did borrow a Five79 Hudson Hunslet kit to see if this would fit but it stands too tall so even if I'd wanted to it would have been a butchery job. So what else could I do? I had a rummage in the flat kits drawer and came upon a Five79 Culverin kit. I had a bit of a squint at the parts and it looked like it should be able to be bashed together into some sort of tram loco.

With an afternoon of Time Team and tea and filling and bodging behind me I ended up with something I was rather pleased with the look of.

By tea time it was nearly complete above the footplate and another walk on the remaining stretch of the PQR beckoned. Very nice and atmospheric and we picked up a curry (The Sopna at Pont Rug - highly recommended)  on the way back so all in all a pretty successful day off.

After the curry and some satisfied groaning I set about adding skirts etc. Fortunately I had some styrene of right size so only had to cut it to length. I glued on the steps and made some mock cylinders and inspection flaps and all looked as it stays for tonight at least. It needs a couple more inspection flaps and some way of ashing out but its practically there.

It runs OK if a little lumpily but as I usually mange to bugger chassis completely during he construction phase I'm happy. A small amount of fettling and all will be well.

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