Thursday, 14 May 2015


After the swearing and hair loss (hardly noticeable) of the track renewal things settled down a bit and the testing phase was entered.

All was finally working properly so I've started to fill back in the bits of scenery which got sacrificed in the napalm phase. I like a Faller product which I think translates as 'stonepaste', it seems to be sand in a glue base. It is very easy to apply between the sleepers and around the moving parts without causing too much embuggerment. It comes in a variety of shades but the one I've got at the moment is a dark grey happily it takes acrylic paint very well.


Before adding the sandy goo I painted the baseboard and exposed scenic plaster with black paint as then anything left exposed won't stand out.
This has the first attack of scenic paint on
The 'control panel' really needs boxing in now as it has a jumble of wires poking out, it has grown with the expansion of the layout but could do with some tidiness being visited upon it.

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