Friday, 8 May 2015

Paint your wagon

I've done a few odds and sods jobs, the new explosive wagon is painted and now weathered although the picture shows it pre-weathering.

A little while ago I ordered some PQR loco couplers from RT models, these are now in lost wax brass rather than the whitemetal they previously were. They were worth the wait, beautiful little castings. I've used one set to replace the rather lumpen whitemetal ones on Nettie, a big improvement.


Another thing I've been doing is to tart up my Langley Prince, I've decided that it would be better being sold than sitting unused in my loco box. It was one of the first whitemetal kits that I built when I got back into modelling about 15 years ago but I did a good job. I've added a few extra details and given the paintwork a re-coat, It now looks better than it ever has and I'm wondering if I want to get rid of it.


The other on going project is Herman the railbus. It has had a waft of primer and the process of spoiling by painting has begun. I've done the inside but am still wondering what colour the outside should be. I suspect that some form of green and cream will be the answer, but possibly maroon and cream...

Also just arrived are my first two Shapeways 3D prints, one is a lovely little 3 bar slab trolley with double flanged wheels and the other is one of TeeBees quick and easy saddle tanks, it isn't quite what I was after so I'll probably paint it up and stick a chassis under it and sell it on. Pictures of both to follow. I am stunned by the modern world, I sat in bed and selected what I wanted from shapeways in New York, they printed it and sent it by post to wales. What a tiny world, seems a shame to be so parochial as a nation when the world is our oyster...  Don't miss next weeks thrilling episode. 

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