Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Suddenly I did something

After weeks of inaction caused by all sorts of reasons I finally found that I had some time yesterday to start work in earnest on the scenery of the new bit. The exhibition in February seems very close all of a sudden.

The start of the cutting

The basic scenery will be made in my usual way, i.e. making a basic former with expanded polystyrene block then covering with plaster bandage and finally adding filler to taste.

I use PVA to glue everything together and a mixture of a Stanley knife and my bare hands to get the basic shape. The way I think about it is that the polystyrene is like rock and the plaster is the soil which accumulates on the rock.

I've done most of the 'rock' work now except the other side of the rocky cutting as I need to get another sheet of plastic rock, the grey stuff you can see in the pictures.
The far side of the railway slopes down the beach with the back scene being the sea, I need to get a decent set of pictures and get them stitched and printed but hopefully it will look nice and give the layout some depth which is only about a foot deep in reality.

Where the new meets the old at the cheese factory end I've ended up fitting a few more building in than I originally planned. There is my scratch built wiggly tin building and three modified Scaledale ones. Hopefully they make a reasonable join between the town and the countryside. The only structure left to construct is a footbridge over the line for access to the fisherman's cottage and shed. I'm going to base it on the famous Padarn Railway bridge at Bethel which I drive past most days and have yet to stop and get a picture of.

Picture from Penmorfa website

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