Friday, 4 December 2015

Warley, Weed and that coach

It has been a busy couple of weeks, not least because I spent the weekend in the NEC at the Warley show. This is a mixed blessing, it's a busy weekend where I get to meet lots of people and see lots of models. I also get to eat some excellent curry in the evenings and try not to spend too much cash during the day. We had hoped that the new PECO FR liveried coach would arrive in time to take with us but sadly they turned up on the Tuesday after.

They are rather splendid

One Warley purchase was the second Technomodels coach to complete my train.

The FR coach with an IoSR one

Another excellent find was another pack of Busch bush which will enhance some cheese very soon.

My only real modelling this last week has been Stonerizing a Minitrains Boehler loco. Mostly this has involved changing the chimney and rebuilding the rear of the cab. More on this project to follow but I am pleased with progress so far.


  1. HO scale weed... try bringing that through Customs in your hand luggage! I wonder if there's 3.5mm scale sniffer dogs as well?

    Liking the Boehler, didn't think too much of it when they first appeared but perhaps that was down to the finish. I find Minitrains stuff to be a bit plasticy and toy-like. Yours has the makings of a usefull workhorse.

  2. I agree about the look of the Minitrains stuff, I have several locos on their chassis which run very well and like you when the Boehler came out I wasn't keen but I looked at it at Warley and thought that without the toy like paint and chimney it wouldn't look unlike many of the small industrials Krauss made.