Friday, 12 August 2016

One week to go... arg...

I've had a couple of extremely long evenings working on the layout this week and have grabbed every other moment to tick off little jobs. The result of which is that the whole thing now works and all the track wiring is complete including the control panel. This needs a diagram printing out but otherwise it works nicely.

Red are points and silver are sections

All done and quite tidy too

Testing in action
The other big work was last night and was the start of the scenery. Mostly using foam board and a glue gun I've begun the construction of the higher town areas. All went pretty well.

Top surfaces and buildings are just perched on top of their supports at the moment as I have to add all the wiring for the building lights and street lights before gluing anything down but I've made a start on that too.

The station building illuminated

In other news, I have had an article published in Narrow Gauge World which I am rather chuffed about. It is about the refurbishment of Lancey Brook. The esteemed editor has asked me to write some more so the Isle of Stoner Railway will be going public soon.

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