Friday, 26 August 2016

Various things, don't panic

In the aftermath of the show I've started various jobs on and off the layout. Exciting news is that the long awaited PECO L&B bogie wagons have arrived and one of the SR variants has landed on the Island to go with the SR livery coaches, very nice it is too. 

It needs some weathering and a load but will look fab
Another new product to arrive at Ffesty Towers and thence on my layout is some rather nice 6.5mm plastic track complete with skip wagons and a little loco. My plan is to enhance the quarry area to give it a slightly more industrial feel by adding some of this on various levels, in time an incline might be nice too.
The track on it's spru

Roughly laid out over the bridge/tipper
The V tippers and the track
The other coach turned up from Shapeways after some remarkable customer service. Both are now mounted on butchered PECO wagon chassis.
On the layout front I've started tidying up the scenery with some weathering powders and paint and have also added some more village to the backscene by sticking some cut out photos of Staithes in Yorkshire. You may also notice that I've removed the sky paper from the quarry section so that I can make it continuous with the one on the Town module, it is a bit less virulent.

Church Lane has some more colour and some Busch sunflowers.


  1. Hi

    Really interested in that plastic track- who makes it please? Do the wagons/loco have rolling wheels, can run on the track, or are they just stationary? (I have a plan for a silly little hand-worked micro layout in a peppermint tin, just as a curiosity really)

  2. Just seen your comment. The track etc is made by Auhagen but also marketed by Walthers. Comes in a nice set with three wagons and a loco. Strictly not rolling. Nice though. We sell them at the F&WHR. The set costs £30.

    1. Thanks for the info- may pick some up to experiment with when I'm in Porthmadog in a few weeks...