Saturday, 3 September 2016

A week to go... again

This time next week and I'll be mid show at Dinas and hopefully enjoying playing trains and seeing lots of people. Fingers crossed.

The official show stuff leaflet thingy can be found here

Hpwever lots has been going on on the layout and on various bits of rolling stock which was found to be lacking in some way at BYG. Layout developments have been mostly scenic. One major one has been the addition of some 6.5 mm gauge track at Town Quarry.

Out of the packet

With added plaster
And finally with paint and people
Meanwhile at Underhill Town quite a bit of paint and scenic bits and bobs have made the station area more subtle than before. Still more to do as there are fences that are still raw plastic and I have only made a start on the stairs painting. This is proving rather tricky to do with it in situ, very tiring on the back leaning over with the brush.

Also ticked off the jobs I don't like doing list is changing the backscene on the quarry module, it was rather vivid and quite crinkled so I plucked up the courage and got the wallpaper scraper out and off it came. Replaced with some more Gaugemaster sky paper which is the same as that used on Underhill town so now the sky colour is continuous.

Part scraped with an L&B train complete with new L&B bogie wagon
New sky just visible

 On the rolling stock finishing off front I've added the final details to Alice the NP Hudswell Clarke and a very handsome loco she is too.

I've change the bogies on the remaining PD VoR coach and also reamed out and made captive the ROCO bogies on the United Dairies milk tanker. I have a couple more of these to do the same to as it makes them much better at going round corners.

Also finished off are the two Tom Bell designed open coaches which will add to the 009 Society Hudson open coach to form an interesting tourist train.

Quite a few more jobs to do before next week but I think I'm on schedule to get them done... mostly.

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