Wednesday, 23 November 2016


The good news is that I finished the ballasting yesterday, the bad news is that I ran out of the 'mainline' one I was using so I finished the last bit off with the more sandy stuff I used for the station area. I also did the sidings with the one which looks like loco ash which is often used for sidings. The stuff I have used is Faller stone paste which is an expensive way of doing it but as I had it left over and it dries out, I thought I might as well use it up.

It will need quite a bit of tidying and then I will get the paints and powders out to get the colours under control.

In other news, the new Minitrains Bagnalls have been delivered and they were visiting Underhill Town yesterday.

 A variety of companions for comparison.

I have also been making it snow on the Dinas layout, also wired in the controller and attached it physically to the rear of the castle mound.

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