Saturday, 19 November 2016

Roundy roundy

As mentioned in the last post I've started a little roundy roundy layout using Minitrains new track system. This week I've dug it out from the pile of 'things to do' and made some progress with it. I tried running some trains and had no real luck getting them round the circuit, derailments and stopping here and there.

On closer inspection, I found that in rushing to lay the track I had not laid it very well and had messed with the geometry ending up with some very bad joins and kinks in the curves. So after a bit of a re-jig I ended up with a very nice little circuit on which short wheel based locos and rolling stock will enjoy a trip out.

Now all I need to do is to make some section breaks in the sidings as the points don't isolate so the whole layout is live and it would be nice to have more than one loco available.

I'm also building a Christmas scene layout for the temporary Dinas station in the goods shed which will be the WHR terminus for Santa trains and the over Christmas service.

It is just a circuit of KATO n gauge track with a castle in the middle. It will be all snowy and covered in Christmas clich├ęs. The train will be button operated so that whatever loco ends up on it doesn't get too worn out, it's a bit of fun for the kids to press the button too. Most of the basic scenery is done now with just snow effects to add. I also have to do the wiring but that won't be too hard.

My new Kerr Stuart is now named Sphinx and is finished all but the works plates which are on order. It looks great and spent a happy while trundling round the new layout yesterday evening. I might glaze the cab windows but otherwise, done. Very nice kit from Neil Rushby, highly recommended.

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