Sunday, 11 August 2019

Green engines and a coach

This week has been paint and transfers based. I finished off the L&B obs and it has entered service. It shows up the other two now so I'll have to replace the moulded handrails on the ends and give them a coat of black.

Here is the rake in the platform at Underhill

While I was testing the new PECO rake I also took the green and cream rake for a trip out too. Having fettled up the bogies on the Five 79 Inisfail coach it also runs much better and makes a good addition to the two Dundas bashes.

Lucy B. has had some more work done and I have to say it looks rather splendid. I bought a turned brass dome off evilbay and it was just the right size to replace the printed one. I've also replaced the printed spectacle glass frames with a set of etched brass ones by RT models. They were just the right size, I've also glazed them with Glue and Glaze. The trickiest bit was the adding of the lining to the side tanks. It is Modelmasters n scale orange/black/orange. They are the waterslide variety and have to be cut to size and slid into place. I don't use any water as I've found that Decalfix works better.

Having buggered the motor, I'm now waiting for a spare one to arrive from Germany. The plates are also imminent.

While I was at it I also added the rest of the lining I had to the NP Bagnall. I'd have liked to do something on the tanks too but I've run out of corners.

Having got the PECO obs finished I looked at my Snapper Bar re-liveried coach and decided to de-Festiniog it and make it more use on the IoSR. I removed the FR crests from the doors and the Snapper Bar wording from above the doors. I've then repainted with near enough matching paints. It looks ok from a working distance. It has also had the hand rails on the end replaced with brass and the ends painted black. The roof has gained torpedo vents and I replaced the moulded on lamp tops with spare Dundas VoR top hat lamps.

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