Saturday, 16 July 2011

Cheese Factory for St Ruth

St Ruth is having an outing in August to Paul Towers exhibition in Porthmadog so I thought it should have a new feature. And so the Stoner Green Cheese factory makes one of the islands speciality cheeses which is similar to a Stilton but with a herbal additive.

The corner previously occupied by a strange small loading ramp and some greenery now has the factory and a greenhouse for growing the 'special' herbal ingredient. It makes the long siding seem more reasonable as it now leads to the loading area where milk is delivered and cheese is dispatched.

The factory is made from part of a PIKO kit, a Wills garage and various oddments including Evergreen girders. It has a couple of milk tanks, one is a PECO n gauge milk tanker body the other is a Knightwing oil tank. The greenhouse is a Skaledale one and the herbs in it are, appropriately enough, by Busch.

The factory is now a logical place for the 'Half Truckle' cheese rail lorry seen above.

Herbs a growing, perfectly legal on the Isle of Stoner.

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