Wednesday 29 June 2011

Getting Started

Various jobs have been started on the first extension board. I've cut the basic sheet of MDF to size and after many scribbled plans I've now settled on something I think will work, fit on the board and provide a station with some stock storage and some 'play value'. I have built the station building, a signal box and a water tower. They all need painting but I'm quite pleased with the look of them. I'm gradually aquiring the rest of the timber I need for the this first section and now need to save up for the rest of the track and a controller for the section from the new station, 'Smallchurch'.

Smallchurch was the original terminus of the line from Port Lucy and the branch line to St Ruth forms an end on junction from here. The main line, which is the new build, will have slightly more generous curves and the platforms will be longer so I can use the larger rolling stock which I have... and build some more.

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