Thursday, 6 October 2011

Finally some progress

Having been mad busy at work and then asleep on the sofa I hadn't done any modelling for ages but today I had a day off and so I shut myself in the shed with radio 4 and a selection of half finished/started projects.

The main progress has been getting my little diesel finished.

The upside to buggering up the intended chassis is that by using the Portram chassis instead it allows there to be nothing in the cab so I have filed a lump of sprue to resemble some transmission type things and there will be ample room for a driver too. It runs nicely and can haul as many wagons as I might hope so all in all I'm very happy with it. The front and rear ballast weights were a real bugger to solder as I don't have any solder paste but I got there in the end and only the tips of my fingers are raw. Sadly the next phase is the painting so its down hill all the way; rusty green I think.

I've also re assembled the new Fleischmann 0-6-0 and tarted up the painting and added vacuum pipes.

It is a funny looking thing, all tall and thin but I like the look of it. 

Moving on I've nailed the track onto my test track... did I mention this? Well I bought a small folding table for £10 the other week with the idea of making a simple test track circuit on it, only now I've added a siding and am having small layout ideas.

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