Tuesday 27 September 2011

Crikey, that is small!

I spent most of yesterday burning my finger tips on the smallest loco I have ever made, and the first all soldered construction. I have been used to soldering audio leads all my life so the iron holds no terror for me but for some reason I've never taken the plunge and soldered a kit before. It is a Brian Madge Ruston LB and  would recommend the kit to anyone with reasonable eyesight and soldering skills. http://www.madge00n3.co.uk/rustonlb.htm

I've basically finished the body except for the ballast weights which go at the front and rear, Brian recommends solder paste for these and I don't have any so they will have to wait. (weight....? No...? anyway) I've made a bit of a dogs breakfast of the chassis which should have been the simple bit to make as it is part built when you get it. I have made it run, just about but have decided that a KATO Portram chassis will fit nicely underneath and allow a completely empty cab. I've put as much weight as I can inside the bonnet and a test assembly suggests that it will make a cracking little loco.

No pictures yet because I left the camera at work again but watch this space.

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