Thursday, 15 March 2012

Oops I did it again

I seem to have started building yet another layout before finishing the one I'm building. It is a portable layout which will be exhibitable unlike St Ruth, it represents the terminus of the Underhill branch so it is still part of the Isle of Stoner Railway. There won't be a physical connection between the two layouts. Underhill will be an L shape consisting of two boards, so far I'm concentrating on the terminus board which has the main control panel built into it. The idea is that the whole thing will fit in the back of a Ford Focus with room for a passenger. I'm building it in B&Q cheap pine board which is 18mm thick and comes in a variety of lengths, each board will have a back and ends made from the same material making the whole thing strong and stable. A side effect of wanting to keep the whole thing tidy is that all the wiring (steam powered DC) has to be kept above baseboard level, I will hide it all within scenery.

Here the baseboard is finished and the track is placed vaguely where it will be.

This shows the track laid and the wiring started.

The control panel in place and wiring has progressed, point motors work and the track cleaner lights up.

Control panel from operators view point.

I'm using a Gaugemaster hand held controller and the PSU also plugs in so that keeps everything tidy and flexible. There will also be a multiway connector to take power to the other board. I'm waiting for parts to finish most of the rest of this so this evening I may well concentrate on the station buildings.

The station building.

The main station building is a modified/butchered Skaledale cricket pavilion. The canopy brackets came from NGRM forum member Bernard and originally stood for Isle of Skye Railway but they are perfect for the IoSR, so thanks to him for those.

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