Sunday 4 March 2012

Plastered again

I've been back in the garage again today, albeit with a bit of a hangover. All my own fault, no sympathy.

The river bed and the landscape behind it now have their basic shape and St Roudley's church has a space and a wall although I'm not sure it needs a wall. There is a tiny chapel which stands on an artificial island at Aberffraw on Anglesey, the sea has eroded the land from round it and the Victorians built a stone retaining wall to protect it. It has no wall and I'd quite like to reflect that here. Have a look on Google, worth a visit if you are in the area too.

I need to add a layer of filler and some cast rocks but the landscape is coming along. Now the trackbed is established I need to build some abutments for the bridge. I've roughly cut some Slater's stone embossed sheet to size so that is on the way too. In the coming days I shall pop down to the beach at Penrhyn and take some pics of how a tidal estuary really is so that I can add sand/chinchilla dust etc.

I have now got the point motors basses and switches to wire up and install the points, I've never done it this way before, I've always cut a big hole in the baseboard or mounted the motor above board. this time I'm going for the small slot approach so I can ballast the points properly as they will be very visible.

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