Saturday, 10 March 2012

Some scenery and a loco

My daughter was off school yesterday with a cold so I got the chance to do a bit of modelling. I painted and installed the bit of wall in front of the church yard and painted the Mk2 bridge, this one is the complete opposite of the Mk1 in that you can hardly see it but I prefer it.

I've splodged some filler about over the hill to the right of St Roudley's but it still looks too regular, I have some rock faces to cast when I get time so I think a few bits of that will break it up.

In the evening I progressed the new 0-8-0 a bit further, quite pleased but I think I need to change the steam pipes to the cylinders as they are too thick. I only had some sprue to hand so its back to Porthmadog Models for some Evergreen of the correct size.

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