Sunday, 25 March 2012

White at the end of the tunnel

I've been beavering away (fnarr) for the last few days whenever I can grab a half hour so the scenery has been plaster bandaged and then a layer of filler has covered that to make the contours a bit softer. I've also started burying the trackwork in filler. This branch is supposed to be quite run down and was always the poor relation of the St Ruth to Port Lucy 'mainline'.

I've nearly finished the goods shed, sort of thing, which sits at the front of the layout. I also have a water tower which is a really nice resin casting from Unit Models. They also do a range of trees, some of which may well appear later.

Not good pictures but they show how the scene is coming together. Quite a bit of the wiring has now vanished under filler but some obviously remains. I've got some Skaledale stone walling on order which will go along the front as boundary wall and to stop any derailments taking a dive off the layout.

The only really major thing left to do is to make the removable panel which will cover the wiring at the rear of the control area. I think if I don't make it removable I'll regret it.

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