Friday, 20 April 2012

Bogie loco goes snot green

I spent the day adding the final coats of paint and going blind fixing the handrails on. It has some weight in the smoke boxes to aid traction, it actually runs very nicely and having tried it with my FR size stock it looks good too.

The driver's side, name plates and Fairlie patent plates will be the icing on the cake.

The fireman's side, I manger to break one of the window surrounds when I was cutting into it to add the coal bunker but it doesn't notice until I point it out... doh!

One end looks much like the other.

Very pleased with this loco, I think that 3D printing will be the saviour of minority modellers who don't have the skill/time to scratch build for them selves.

This one will be called 'Lord Stoner', the next one will be 'Lady Stoner' and won't have a cab roof. However I need to get some other stuff done before her ladyship comes along.

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