Wednesday 11 April 2012

Colour and texture

I've not posted on here for a while because I've been mad busy at work over Easter and then I've been busy working on Underhill. I also had a visit from the chief engineer and his apprentice from the WEKbahn which was most enjoayble.

Progress has been very apparent, in that what was white is now brown and green. For some reason the camera didn't want to focus on the layout but you get the picture of the change.

Still lots to do but I'm quite pleased with the overall look, the backscene is a faller one which I've had to chop about a fair amount. I also hadn't realised how short the sections were which means that there is a join in the sky at the moment. A pine tree will cover it, hopfully.

Next thing to do is to glue the buildings down and to finish off the area at the front.. I also have to decide if the shed with the orange tiled roof is railwayside of the fence or not; I think it probably is.

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