Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Going down hill

Grabbed a bit of time in the garage today and started doing some woodwork for the next section of the mainline. This is where the down hill run starts and I'm not convinced that the gradient is slight enough so the next thing I shall do is lay some temporary track and wire up a controller and do some tests. Where the line reaches the wall and turns to come back under St Ruth I've levelled it out as I think that a stiff climb and a tightish curve might be too much... also my woodwork isn't up to it. I can't do much more as I've run out of timber and cash.

I'm going to build a road over bridge to make a scenic break between  the hill and St Ruth which is supposed to be at sea level. The line crosses over the estuary and then drops down hill in reality so i need to break the two up.

No pics as I left the camera at work.

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