Sunday 13 May 2012

Pictures of progress

I haven't got much further than before but I did get a couple of pictures which give an idea of where I'm going. The next down hill section will have the intermediate station which will have a passing loop on it. After that the line goes into a tunnel behind my work bench, however I will get the railway working as far as the the loop so that I can play trains again. This means a scary amount of rewiring... gulp.

I think these give the idea, I'm making the trackbed first and then I'll add scenery around it once the track is layed and functioning. The far corner will have a Coed y Bleiddiau feel about it with a cottage and a stream under the line, one of my favourite FR locations.

Meanwhile Underhill board 1 is pretty much complete, it runs very nicely and I even managed to work out why the new 0-6-0 red diesel didn't run well. I'd managed to bend one set of contacts away from the wheels so it only had 1 set picking up current. Runs like a dream at slow speed now.

I had to use a flash on this which is not flattering and shows up even more defects than ordinary light. I have to make the storage place for it in the garage before I can embark upon the other board for this. Exhibition in December is the deadline... bet I'm still working on it the night before.

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