Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Silver dream machine

Here are some pictures of the new 0-4-0 on the Tomix Percy chassis.

Still got some work to do it but basically I'm pleased with the look of this loco. Quite like Percy but bigger.

I'm going to have a fiddle with my new Dapol signal this evening, I'm going to use the ladder and platform from a Chris Veitch FR signal and leave it at that I think, the arm is oversize for n gauge and looks fine next to my 009 stock. It is slightly shorter than the FR signal but only by a couple of mil.

Doris brings a train into the platform.

I've also decided to put my A1 models diesel on evilbay, we did the household accounts today... Shame as it came out quite well, first fully soldered kit too.


  1. I would love more info on the TOMIX "Percy" white metal kit conversion. Is it a new kit specifically for the Tomix Percy or an existing kit modified for the conversion? I've done a Bagnall "Sipat" sized loco in O9 on the Tomix Percy (Full cab rather than open sides)

  2. Hi

    It's not a new kit but several bits from various kits bashed together. I still haven't got the chassis to run properly. It was fine in reverse when I got it but slightly lumpy in forward... now I've messed with it it barely hauls itself along. Shame as I like the look of it.