Friday, 15 June 2012

Moving on

I've spent the day in the garage working on the main layout and as a result I've constructed the next part of the baseboard. This takes the railway on to the next station, Smallchurch, which is just a passing loop but it will add to the operating interest of the railway.

The next phase is where the line passes over the work bench and emerges directly under St Ruth at the works where the running line continues to drop and turns to cross the door and finally into Port Lucy... anyway one thing at a time.

This is a view of the whole thing so far. 

This is the far end where the line turns to run back under itself, my plan is to make a scene based on Coed y Bleiddiau on the FR, the station with the loop will be vaguely Tan y Bwlch ish.

I did wonder about adding a goods siding here but the gradient might make it a bit iffy parking anything, and anyway I want to keep things simple. At the far end of this loop the line goes into a tunnel. There will be one controller for the line from St Ruth to here and another from Port Lucy so that trains can meet and cross.


  1. Do the siding but add a gradient so it is flat. The difference in gradients will look fantastic.

  2. I wondered about that, you know but I think the station building will be in the way. I'll experiment though, thanks for the encouragement.