Thursday, 15 November 2012

Continuing progress

I didn't get as much time today as I hoped but I did get some more jobs done on the layout. I fitted a rim to the drop down bit round the back so that things can't roll off and although its only very low it feels better, It's a bit of a bodge but as it is round the back it will do. I've also fitted an LED light so I can see what I'm doing a bit better, it helps but needs more, again it will do for now.

I've spent quite a while testing various bits of rolling stock to make sure things fit and run OK, just as well I did as one of the point levers I've just fitted to the Underhill end fouled the footsteps on the little Lilliput diesel.

I'll finish painting the station building and platform for the cheese factory halt which is called 'Three Bridges' due to the three bridges next to it. I'm glad I decided to add this halt as it makes the time a train takes to get from the fiddle yard to the terminus slightly longer.

The street area and the walling around the cheese factory are now firmly attached. The footbridge needs painting and attaching to the road bridge beneath which is painted but still not fixed as the ballast needs to go down first. Fiddly to get it all in the correct order.

Hopefully the bits I ordered from Gaugemaster should arrive tomorrow so I can get the scenery started. I've ordered some Noch moulded retaining wall and one of their resin rocks, both of these will get chopped up to make the entrance and exit of the running line. I also ordered some 'sky' backscene which is really the first thing I need to do before I stick any buildings or walls down, once I get started I don't think the scenery will take very long before it all takes shape.

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