Saturday, 3 November 2012

It's got legs

I finally finished the second set of legs for Underhill yesterday. The whole layout is now assembled and makes a pretty sturdy structure despite my shoddy carpentry skills. I can now finish the track work where the baseboard join is and then get the wiring finished and tested. It also means I should be able to play trains now... ahem, I mean operate  the layout.

The final woodworking to be done is the construction of a lighting rig. This will be a compilation of the two previous portable lighting set ups. It will be supported from the middle of the layout and have four spot lights with GU10 50w lamps as this is what I have available.

I have a bit of a job to make all this spaghetti into something useful, but it is all labelled so shouldn't be too bad. I still have to add some more wire for building lights and the smoke machine in the cheese factory... they do a smoked variety too, you see.

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