Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Let there be lights and a flap

Well, another busy day on the Isle of Stoner and the lighting rig is modified and fitted. It isn't quite as I'd hoped but it will do for now. I may change one of the fittings to a double from a single as there is a dark bit over the cheese factory.

While I was 'testing' the layout I was changing some stock in the fiddle yard and I realised that I was in danger of knocking things onto the floor so I've added a hinged flap that covers the hole when in transit. I need to add a wall all round the edge to keep things on it but it is going to be a help with putting stock somewhere in the heat of an operating session. Pictures are a bit fuzzy as I only have my phone at the moment, better ones to follow. Back to work tomorrow so I can borrow a better camera.

Overall I've achieved what I set out to this week so that is a miracle in itself.

Next I need to make a small building to cover the point motor at the front of the new board and finish the buildings on Alma Street. I must try not to build any more rolling stock before December...

The Fairlie arrives at Underhill

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