Saturday, 17 November 2012

Rocks and rolling

Spent most of today stacking firewood for the forthcoming season but once this was done I set fire to some of them in the room where Underhill is set up and set about adding some scenery. The stuff from Gaugemaster came yesterday so I could crack on. The Noch stone walling was too thick to use under the street but along with the stone effect lump it has helped sort out the right hand end of the board.

I'll have to evolve a plan B for the left side, probably involving plaster.

At the other end of the line I painted the new point levers and added some more detailed plant life which is some of the laser cut stuff from Gaugemaster but I note that on the packet it says it was made by Noch. The bracken is good and as it comes in clumps reday made it is easier than the Busch stuff I've also used which comes as individual leaves that you have to glue together.

Not sure if the new bits show up in  these pics, these are taken on my phone but I also brought home the big Sony video camera which takes much better stills so I'll take some nice shots tomorrow. I can't get them out of the camera at home so I'll have to wait till Monday to have a look at them.

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