Tuesday, 27 November 2012

White out

I've been at it with the filler this morning and as a result the track is ballasted and the hills are rounded. I've also added backscene, its a bit of a mess but hopefully greenery will cover all the joins. The tricky bit is where the boards meet as it is not a simple join. I may also find that I've glued the two boards together when I come to separate them. Fingers crossed.

The nursery is now attached to the baseboard and the track is ballasted. The footbridge is missing while it gets painted.

The halt is in place and the hills the correct shape. I'll have to wait a few days while the plaster sets hard now and then it will be time to dig the track out and make it all run again.

You can see the weird sky contours above the cheese factory, some strange plant growth will be needed to cover that lot. Hopefully peoples eyes will be elsewhere.

Tonight I need to paint the footbridge and there is a tank which is still unfinished and unpainted. Luckily those celebrities are still eating unspeakable things in the jungle as it distracts Lady Stoner to some extent.

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