Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy New Year

Lord Stoner and all the happy inhabitants of the fairest isle wish our readers a very happy new year.

Since the exhibition I haven't had a lot of time for modelling but I have done a few bibs and bobs.

I've built and painted the new Narrow Planet loco which is cracking and although the prototype is a bit modern... I don't care. I've painted it in scab red and added a large amount of rust and filth and it looks great.

Not the best picture

I've also embarked upon a series of rolling stock upgrades starting with replacements for my VoR cut and shuts which I did a few years ago. The new Parkside Dundas DM10a kit with newly tooled sides and a moulded roof are a huge improvement and were what caused me to start with these. I've cut one compartment from the coach and the composite is also missing one compartment. I've added door handles from the Langley etch from the L&B coach which I bought for the slatted seats which make very nice coal rails on locos.

Having said I haven't done much modelling... I've also started a small diorama for taking pictures of rolling stock on. A couple of cheapo shelves from B&Q and some off cuts of track. I've stuck some polystyrene on as the basic scenery formation but this is as far as I've got.

The little ground frame hut is the Bachmann scene craft green house which I got for Christmas. I've painted over the roof in grey and it has the look of the Corris signal box about it.


  1. Nice job, one of the first I've seen that isn't yellow, too!

    The new VoR coaches look great, will have to upgrade.

    1. Lovely littel kit to make. I've got a few more little bits of weathering to do and then a coat of varnish and then I'll get some better pictures. The new VoR coaches are loads better, only wish they were for FR prototypes so I could sell even more of them!