Monday 28 January 2013

New chassis and new rock

I haven't done much modelling lately but this week I've made a few changes to the 'Three Bridges' end of 'Underhill'. I've added some more rock outcrops above the nursery to try to disguise the slightly odd and over large wall which hides the fiddle yard area; I think it is an improvement. I had never been very happy with the colour of the rock cutting above and behind the cheese factory and so this evening I repainted it a more sandstone sort of colour like the hill behind St Ruth.

One of the improvements made over the hastily cobbled together scenery I did for the Porthmadog exhibition    is the addition of some rock mouldings above the tunnel mouth holding up the end of Alma Street.

The picture above shows the wrinkly sky to the left. I need to scrape that off and do it properly as it spoils the illusion at the moment. I used PVA to stick it on and it was a mistake, I've always used 3M spray mount before which isn't perfect but doesn't make a mess like that.

Alma Street has had some improvements too, the pavement now has its low raised wall and the houses have door steps. I've still some bits to do like drains and some flower pots etc. The low wall along the front edge has always been destined to have a metal topping to it.

The other thing I've done this evening is fit a new chassis to Lady Stoner. It has previously had a KATO 11-106 chassis as prescribed by Chris Ward and this is fine on the level and not hauling very much. I noticed that Bandai make a dimensionally similar chassis which has all eight wheels driven rather than the four on the KATO. I removed the KATO (and destroyed it in the process,doh!) and slotted in the new unit which is slightly smaller, width wise; it ran very smoothly and was happy to haul four small bogie coaches up the hill to St Ruth. It just managed five but I think four is fine. The Bandai came all the way from Plaza in Japan who give excellent service.

Lady Stoner complete with new chassis

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