Saturday, 19 January 2013

Past and present

Well I haven't had time to update the blog for a while but I've had a few hours modelling which I'll list in a while but first a bit of history. When I sold the very first Isle of Stoner layout on eBay I put a video of it up on youtube so that prospective buyers could see what they would get.

Heritage video

I made a video of my previous layout, The Afon Garreg Railway which was a Welsh quarry line. I've got that on DVD so I'll have a go at uploading that to youtube as it's a quite nice memoir.

Some of the rolling stock is still on the railway as are some of the buildings.

Apart from that I've done a few bits and pieces by way of not getting on with sorting out Underhill for NGN which is looming in early March.

This is the little diorama I built to take pictures of rolling stock on, I'm pretty happy with it on the whole. The track could do with a bit of weathering and the edges of the wood need some black paint to tidy them up.

Sitting in the siding is my Narrow Planet Baguely Drewry diesel which is now finished, still needs varnishing and some more weight inside. Nice kit.

At the exhibition in Porthmadog, Neil Rushby gave me a couple of the resin castings for the Fowler passenger trolley which have been lurking in my tool box since then. They didn't have the roof castings so I didn't want to make lidless versions of the 4 wheeler so it occurred to me to make a bogie version. So far I've sawed the castings up a bit and glued them together adding some styrene strip to make a sole bar and so on. The ends are Langley L&B seat etches, the bogies are PD WD one I think.

I may add a roof from styrene and whatever else comes to hand.

Father Christmas brought me a nice Scenecraft warehouse which I have started 'Stonerising'. The original plan was to use it on the, as yet un-built, Port Lucy board but I like it and want to use it now so I've found a home for it at St Ruth. The only problem with it is that the loading dock is too high for NG wagons but I don't really want to take the saw to the building... I can't think of a better way to sort it out though. I've added various bits and bobs and the whole thing needs a slap of paint.


  1. If the siding trackbed was built up a bit to meet the loading dock, and the track curved away from the building to the left, you could always have steps down to the doorway further along. Just engineer it to be on the right kind of slope!

  2. The location is actually on the loop with the platform on it so I can't do that. Shame, but there it is. Out with the razor saw.