Saturday, 9 March 2013

Grim up north

Actually, once we got out of the 2 hour traffic jam on the M62 it wasn't at all grim up north. I've just got back from Leeds via Porthmadog so I thought I'd put up a couple of pics of the layout in action.

One of the nicest things was meeting up with old friends and meeting the people my wife call my 'imaginary friends'; ie people I know from the NGRM forum and the 009 society.

One exciting guest to the island was one of the new PECO L&B coaches as seen above. It was slightly too long for this part of the IoSR and the platforms were too near the track so the running boards didn't quite fit, however a rake of them will be marvelous for the mainline. It ran very well and looks brilliant I also had a close look at the saloon which also looks very fine. Many thanks to Vulcan for the visit, I'm sure PECO will do very well with these and the wagons.

A couple more general views during a quiet moment. I was fortunate to be able to hand over the controls to Paul Windle for a while so I could get lunch and have a wander, so many thanks to him and to Peter Kirkby for inviting me along. Time for bed, said Zebedee... boing.


  1. I have very bad associations with this show. Sadly, many years ago, we had one of our locos stolen from Dduallt at some point in the weekend. A wee model of Blodge diesel Harold (aka Shitty the shunter). I still feel very sore about it.

    The Peco coach is looking lovely. I had a look at it at the Glasgow show last month. I suggested they should look at doing FR Bowsiders next. If you haven't already lobbied them maybe you should.

    1. I can see how that would leave a bad taste in the mouth. I remember the incident, very sad. The modelling people I've met seem to be so 'nice', odd but nice. I obviously include myself in the latter.

      Lobbying is fully under way, fear not.

  2. Glad you had a good show and came back in one piece. The Peco coach does look superb and I echo Rob's sentiments above...a Bowsider commercially available might tip me over the edge to build a narrow gauge line...I've been talking about it for years!

  3. Come on in the water's lovely.

  4. Great to see the layout, and very nice it is too, indeed I'm in the background of your last photo operating our layouts fiddle yard!