Sunday 3 March 2013

Sky V3

I've been dashing about the country for work in the last couple of weeks so i haven't had much time for modelling but this weekend I've snatched a few hours with the result that I've added some coping stones to the top of the big wall behind the nursery and applied another new sky.

I remembered that I had still got the remains of the Auhagen sky paper that I bought for St Ruth and which I used for the 'Underhill' end of this layout. It is printed on much thicker paper than the Gaugemaster stuff I've had so little joy with. Anyway, looks better and it is a more saturated blue which works better with the rest of my colour palette.

I'm pretty happy all round now, except that the main point at 'Underhill' makes most things stall on it but only heading right to left as you look at it. I had some bother with the point a while ago and I had to rebuild it in-situ so I'm guessing it has something to do with that... still got a few days to fiddle around. 

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