Saturday, 30 March 2013

Rolling progress

I had the visit from Werner and his friends from Germany which was a good excuse to play trains for the evening. They visited Underhill and St Ruth and said nice things about both bits which was nice. They also left me a bag full of presents including some Preiser people which are always splendid, a Lilliput beer wagon which needs converting to a more local ale and a kit for a very small pedal powered track inspection trolley. This has parts so tiny that I am frightened to set about it, it is definitely not a job for the lap tray so I'll wait till my workbench is less cluttered and make it there. Very nice of them, they also brought calendars and books and magazines too.

Since then I've progressed with the new loco somewhat, having done some filling and added handrails. I've also had a fiddle with the chassis but not had time to test it yet.

I had the urge to build something simple yesterday so I built a Ninelines W&L cattle wagon to add to the livestock train. I haven't built a kit as nature intended for ages and it was a very pleasant experience.

Also moved from the started but not finished pile is the Neil Rushby resin coach that I've been building all year. I decided that the previous approach with bogies looked wrong so I removed them and added the spare chassis from a VoR brake van and the spare running boards from the cattle wagon kit, it looks much better and runs better too. Needs a couple of things adding and then some paint.

While I was in the mood to fettle chassis I took the Tomix Percy bash chassis apart and had a jiggle with some bits so I need to test that too. I hope that I've un broken it as the loco looks nice but so far doesn't run very well.

No pics to post but I've a day off on Tuesday so hope to make some progress and add some then. Have a happy Easter.

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