Wednesday, 26 June 2013

State of war... and some coaches

I haven't had much chance to do any modelling for my own benefit recently as I've been getting a few Chris Ward 3D locos into shape and listing them on eBay. I'm hoping to make some money towards a family holiday, I've also sold a couple of under used IoSR locos too.

Most of what I've done has been painting and weathering but I have also built a splendid new kit from W^D models. It is a tank wagon which sits on the standard 4 wheel chassis and has 3 individual tanks which were used for 3 types of lubricating oil in the WW1. It comes with transfers but I've decided not to use them for my version which will live in the works once its built. Lovely looking kit and a pleasure to build, well done Barry.

Apart from this I've weathered the other two of my PQR coaches and finished off the Drewery diesel, I'm pretty happy with both projects. A spot of matt varnish will seal it all in.

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  1. So how much do people are the Loco;s going for?