Thursday 4 July 2013

Brown sky thinking

I've had a couple of days off and the weather was horrid so I had a bit of time to do some modelling. I started off by fiddling with some detailed scenery bits on Arnold Lane Wharf. Some of the greenery was looking a bit tired and had been knocked off completely on the top edge. I bought some nice Green Scene and Woodland Scenics stuff at Warley last year so I tried some of that out with happy results, I've also recently got some new larger tufts made by Noch so I've added some of hose here and there along with a few other bits and bobs. I'm pleased with the results.

The other scenic thing I've done is fill in between the sleepers of the points which I had chickened out of before in order not to stop them working. I've used a new product, well new to me, which is a faller scenic product and is a glue/sand/paint thing. The translation isn't clear. Anyway, it comes in a small plastic pot and is ideal NG ballast colour texture and blends in very well with the plaster/chinchilla gravel of the rest of the layout. It would be expensive to use on a whole layout but is ideal for this use.

Once I'd done these things I thought 'what else looks sub standard?'. The sky was rather wrinkled and the angle poise lamp balanced on the end of the layout didn't look all that good, so I did this...

It includes a full proscenium arch with GU10 type LED lights which I am pretty happy with, I may add one more fitting. The back scene now needs to have some lovely blue Isle of Stoner sky adding.

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