Thursday, 7 November 2013

Blue view

What did I ever do before Wilkinson's came into my life? What a marvellous shop. A quick trip yesterday lunchtime not only provided a tasty and cheap sandwich but also a string of 40 blue LEDs for £7. With these duly strung up in the lighting rig, night fell on Arnold Lane Wharf.

Delighted by this I whipped out the soldering iron and Dremmel and fitted an LED in the hut. It is one of the ones supplied with the set of swan necked lamps from DCC supplies so comes with a little circuit board with a selection of surface mounted resistors on so you can vary the brightness to suit the job in hand, very neat idea.

I might add one more LED in the big shed at the left hand side of the layout and an orange one within the little workshop on the right.

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