Tuesday 12 November 2013


The latest bit completed on Arnold Lane Wharf is the addition of a skirt to hide the legs and clutter which always builds up underneath a layout. I've used Velcro to attach the material; with a stick on variety on the baseboards new frame and an iron variety on the material. I've also tidied up the black paint on the frame etc.

I adds to the presentation of the layout, now I just need to add an explanation panel to the proscenium arch and it is ready for Warley, or at least the visible part is ready. The blue LEDs need to be permanently attached and the switch added to the 'day lights'. One other crucial addition is some form of protection for the switches and point operating rods which protrude from the rear. I don't want to snap anything off whilst in transit. I shall try to bodge something which does the job but doesn't stop it being operated. If all else fails it can be a screw on/off arrangement but something more convenient to set up/break down would be better.

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