Friday, 15 November 2013

Steam Tram

Port Lucy is the largest town on the Isle of Stoner and as such it has the poshest transport infrastructure and this includes a tram line. This runs from outside the station to the other side of town. Actually what has happened is that while I was ordering a chassis from Plaza in japan I noticed that they sell some rather neat tram track designed for modern Japanese trams which they also sell. On impulse I ordered an oval to see what it is like and I rather like it and so decided that I could just about squeeze a length onto the high level road at the back of the new Port Lucy board. The plan is to use a shuttle module so that the tram comes and goes without me attending to it, this will also be good at exhibitions to keep something running while the usual buggering about goes on.

That's the stuff

Anyway, the upshot of that is that I need a tram to run on the tram track and this is what I started work on yesterday. After much thought, some thought, ok, hardly any thought I set about building a steam tram on a Bandai Shorty chassis using a combination of styrene and parts from other kits.

The boiler etc which sits exposed at the front of the tram is from a Knightwing steam lorry kit, the sides are from a Parkside Dundas Bro Madoc coach and the roof is a Chris Ward 3D clerestory which I've had for while and not known what to do with. Early days yet but its coming along nicely. It will be rather out of loading gauge for the main IoSR but that doesn't matter as the lines will have no physical connection.

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