Sunday, 17 November 2013

Tidying up and stuff

I've been going through my locos and getting them match fit for next weekend. Cleaning wheels and so on but several have also been looking a bit tatty so I've got out the paint box. I also noticed that several older locos have chimneys which hardly have a hole in them so I've drilled and reamed them out a bit.

Puffer is one of the fleet to get the wash and brush up, it doesn't look much different in a picture but it looks much smarter in real life.

The steam tram has made some progress and is pretty much ready for spoiling with paint. I'm not sure what the main colour will be, I'm heading towards green. I may pop down to Porthmadog models and see what they have that I haven't already got.

I've added metal handrails but in my usual style have managed to bugger one side up slightly. As it will only ever be seen from one side I'm not too bothered. The back looks fine but I'm still not too happy with the front. Not sure what to do though.

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