Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Bridge over the River Loose

Today I continued with my woodworking epic and for once my plan and my measuring worked out pretty nearly perfectly. I built the lift out section which joins the new Port Lucy board to the rest of the layout, it has to be removable as it goes in front of the door. It has a dropped section in the middle with the continuation of the estuary/river which the station sits beside.

It still needs a backscene adding and some positive alignment to the surrounding layout but the tricky bit is done.


I need another sheet of 6mm MDF but that will have to wait until after payday, however there is plenty else to do. The first thing to get done is the backscene and the elevated part of the village especially the tramway which is intended to have and auto reverse trundling the steam tram back and forth.

This evening I've been painting a building for the road, it is an 'Armourfast' farm house. I've added a few extra details, namely Etched windows and doors and some gutters and drains. Its had a first coat of colours which look about right, I'll let it harden off till tomorrow night and then tidy it up. I've painted another building for this row of buildings so they both need curtains and glazing and then planting.

I think its intended for war gamers

The halfway station is now not a terminus so I need to decide whether I add a siding or not. I like the simplicity of the loop but on the other hand a siding would be handy to park the engineers train in and as a refuge. I have a plan that the platform building will be a model of the original Dduallt one, I did some plans and even bough the styrene to build it never got any further so maybe that is another few evenings entertainment.

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