Monday, 24 March 2014

More woodwork

Today I've been revealing to myself, yet again, what an appalling carpenter I am. Actually, carpenter is not the word for it; wood buggerer. The poor tree spends years and years growing and me and my saw set about it and reduce it to saw dust and kindling in minutes... I have actually made some progress too.

I've made the frame for the rest of the railway with the exception of the removable bridge section. Because of my brilliant lack of planning/measuring the new section will be virtually flat unlike the epic up hill section which follows. Variety is the spice of life.

The section in the picture directly above will have a wiggle in it, to keep things interesting. The sheet of MDF is just sitting on the frame to give me an idea of the space. I will make the track bed from 6mm MDF as I usually do. The scenery will be able to drop down in front of the track and rise up behind but because the lower level is higher than I originally intended there isn't much height.

The section above the workbench is the usual frame with MDF and this is glued and screwed so its track next on this bit. Another day off tomorrow so hopefully I can bodge together the bridge section and once I've roughed out the scenery I can start laying track and playing trains.

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