Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Would work

Finally, finally I've found a day to get started on the baseboard for Port Lucy. The advantage of not doing anything for ages is that I've had plenty of time to plan what I want from this part of the layout.

I had built the legs previously and started cutting 2 x 1 for the frame but had run out of timber, time and cash. Anyway, I managed to get quite a bit done yesterday which I'm pretty pleased with. As ever I've gone for a belt and braces approach with a solid sub-frame and then more 2 x 1 and 6mm MDF.

 This is the main frame with the main track level sheet of MDF sat in place.

The main baseboard is now fixed and the village to the rear is perched on bits of polystyrene, the track is roughly where it will be too.

More progress with the rear upper level.

 Backscene now added. 

The high street starting to come together with the steam tram halfway up the hill.

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