Wednesday, 30 April 2014

River deep...

Well, not that deep. Back to work yesterday but a day off today ahead of the coming busy weekend. I decided to start the river scenery on the removable section as I can't install the bridge and therefore the track until it is complete, at least under the bridge.

The first thing I did was to add the back scene as I usually end up doing this last and then not being happy with it or the process. It is a piece of Gaugemaster sky paper which was left over from Arnold Lane Wharf.

Next job was to paint the abutments with their base colour and then a muddy/sandy colour for the river bank. It is supposed to be tidal here and so the boat will be left high and dry even when there is water in place.

Bridge in place and murky green/black water course

Once the paint had set (not hard) I added a layer of sandy paint and some small stones, a few tufts of longer grass were also added. Once this had all firmed up I did a thin wash of the original base colour to tie it all in.

Last of all I've added some basic greenery to join the land to the sky. It needs some tidal marks and some water now but I reckon I'll be able to do those with the bridge installed so if the old back keeps getting better and I survive the weekend it might be time for some track... and a signal.

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