Monday, 28 July 2014

And now in black and white...

I'm pretty sure that I now have all the major buildings for the road behind the station in Port Lucy. I have some more painting and weathering to do but fundamentally they are done. The next step is to make a removable mini baseboard that will just fit on top of the basic baseboard where the buildings are now perched. It is too far back to do anything with it where it is so it has to be a module with the tram track and all the electrics contained within it. I stole the idea from Nick Welch which he details in his splendid book, Ffestiniog Odyssey.
I've just had the weekend off and was looking forward to getting some modelling done, maybe some ballasting or some wiring... nope domestic stuff needed doing and so I did very little. What I did get done was to finish the painting of my second Chivers Innisfail coach. I decided to go for a completely different look to the first one so this one is the un refurbished version.
The two coaches together
Ruth and Nettie down on the wharf
I'm pretty pleased with the faded green paint on the coach, it needs some vac pipes and a fleet number but is essentially done. Sadly the loading gauge is slightly too big for Arnold Lane so they will be part of the main line fleet.

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